Robot Firefighter

It is undisputed that firefighting is one of the most dangerous professions in the world. As of March 2017, there have been 35 reported firefighter fatalities ( Countless firefighters around the world constantly put their lives in danger to save others.

Howe and Howe Technologies’ Thermite RS2-T1 aims to eliminate that statistic. The firefighting robot is capable of unloading 2500 gallons of water per minute, taking water from two separate fire trucks.

The Thermite is constructed of A440f steel, aircraft 5 grade aluminum, and other strong and robust components capable of withstanding the forces from the giant hose at the front. It’s remotely controlled from up to a 1/4 mile away, and is able to fit through doors to combat fires indoors, removing firefighters from danger. It has a draw bar pull of 1270 lbs on asphalt (1040 lbs on concrete).

The Thermite’s capabilities relive firefighters from some of the job’s greatest dangers. Each hose typically takes 2-3 firefighters to keep under control, which means up to 6 firefighters for 2 hoses, 6 firefighters whose efforts could be better be used to save people from debris and whatnot. Howe and Howe Technologies are working on the Thermite T3, which will hopefully increase capacity and firefighter safety for years to come.

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