Kuratas Battle Mech

Oh boy have I got to get one of these. This hulking goliath moves around like a boss and is the newest vehicle and awesome fighter. At 13 feet tall and weighing 4.4 tons but carrying a hefty price tag, this monster is just too legit.

This simple how-to video displays the basic functions of the Kuratas robot. It can move around at 10 km/hr, and the video shows it chugging along a little road as trucks are dwarfed in its shadow. It uses 30 hydraulic joints to move around, and can be controlled directly from the cockpit using a touch-pad and control functions or a 3G connection from outside the robot. In addition, the Kuratas features a master-slave function, which uses a miniature model of the robot to act like a voodoo doll for the full-size one.

But of course, this might not convince you. It’s a big robot that doesn’t even drive that fast, not to mention that no one’s really sure whether it’s street-legal yet. But even so, the Kuratas has an advanced weaponry system. It features two kinds of weapons; one is the “Lohas Launcher” which fires missiles with water, and the other is a gatling gun that can shoot 6,000 BB bullets per minute.

And the best part? It features a phone inside the cockpit, so you can call your friends and tell them that you’re coming over to destroy them.

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