Trash Muncher

We all know that trash is one of the world’s biggest environmental problems: trash is finding its way out of landfills and into oceans, where chemicals hurt the environment and the animals living in it. In the city of Queens, however, a smarter solution has been developed.

One of the main reasons why trash isn’t being put into landfills is because the trash cans have a limited capacity, and the dump trucks can’t pick it up fast enough. So, to fix this… some people invented a robot trash can!

From the outside, the trash can looks regular, a rectangular prism where people throw their trash. But using a solar panel for power, the insides of the trash can are in far more motion. Inside the robot, the machine compresses trash thrown inside into small cubes. It’s a concept that flew straight out of Wall-E! With this new technique, trash cans can fit over eight times more trash, and hopefully this will alleviate some of the trash problem that we have today.

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