Shimi, Robot DJ

Ever wanted your own personal DJ that could follow you around and get used to what kind of music you liked? Well that just might become a reality.

Shimi is a robot DJ who essentially becomes your own musical companion. It has hi-quality speakers and learns from how you react to certain musics through a visual camera. You can ask it to play certain songs, and over time, it becomes personalized and remembers your preferences. What’s more, it is controlled through a smartphone, and can use the cloud to install new data and update, as well as find songs. It’s almost like a portable Pandora that you eventually shape.

Other than the functional part, Shimi is also very cute, as it bobs its head and dances to the music. It can follow you with its eyes, and it’s small and easily portable. It’s almost like a little robotic companion.

Robot DJ: Shimi

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