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The Jumping Sumo

It wasn’t until a few years ago that the French company Parrot decided to start building robots. They weren’t really specialized in that field: they mostly made Bluetooth stuff, speakers, and some fantastic headphones. Recently, they’ve expanded their new family of robots, with a wheeled sumo robot that jumps. In the Jumping Sumo (I have […]

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Geodesic Dome Robot

This year’s Maker Faire saw a variety of colorful inventions, and this one robot was definitely a cool centerpiece. It looks like a possessed dome on legs, but it gets even cooler than that. To tell the truth, this robot doesn’t seem to have as much bite as its bark. It inches along at 0.02 […]

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Exciting Record for Miles Driven in Space

The last people on the moon were three: Eugene Cernan, Ronald Evans, and Harrison Schmitt. These three people piloted the Apollo 17 mission, and in December of 1972, Cernan and Schmitt were able to take a joyride on the moon in their Lunar Roving Vehicle. They traveled 19.3 nautical miles (22.210 “regular” statute miles) on […]

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Mantis, Giant Hexapod


Seems like giant robot vehicles are all the fad lately! With robots like Stompy and Kuratas, when are we going to be able to drive these things on the streets? Two tons in weight. Nine feet tall. Six Legs. Fifty Horsepower. This monstrously awesome robot is probably the closest we’ll get (separately from the other […]

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HyTAQ, The Robot That Could Fly (And Roll)

For most aerial vehicles, it is difficult to maintain energy efficiency when they have to work against gravity. On the other hand, most ground-restricted vehicles do not have the freedom that aerial vehicles do. At the same time, it seems difficult to combine the two. The HyTAQ (Hybrid Terrestrial and Aerial Quadrotor) is unique in […]

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Kuratas Battle Mech

Oh boy have I got to get one of these. This hulking goliath moves around like a boss and is the newest vehicle and awesome fighter. At 13 feet tall and weighing 4.4 tons but carrying a hefty price tag, this monster is just too legit. This simple how-to video displays the basic functions of […]

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Automated Robot Garage

Recently, automatic parking garages are becoming more an more popular. These automated “robo-garages” are able to deliver cars to designated parking spaces with only the swipe of a ticket by using a moving platform. Although they cost $25,000 to $50,000, they reduce a lot of the space needed. One of the major concerns with the […]

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