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Self-Charging Robot

For mobile robots, one of the most crucial tasks is charging. Forgetting to charge a robot will stop it from working, which could potentially lead to complications. So this leads to the question: how could robots charge themselves instead of having to make humans remember to charge them? Meet Melvin. He looks normal in most […]

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Omnidirectional Vehicle

This is one of the most versatile robot I’ve ever seen. It has 6 legs, and interchangeable leg pads to do everything from driving around to climbing nets to picking up objects using its legs. The robot can even drop down to only a few inches off the floor and “crawl” forward to get under obstacles. Currently, the […]

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Can Robots Clean Up Our Mess?

By autonomously navigating the water’s surface, Seaswarm proposes a new system for ocean-skimming and oil removal.
Seaswarm uses a photovoltaic powered conveyor belt made of a thin nanowire mesh to propel itself and collect oil. The nanomaterial, patented at MIT, can absorb up to 20 times its weight in oil. The flexible conveyor belt softly rolls […]

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Rat Brain Robot

We know that computers, robots, and many automated machines have control systems that are make out of logic gates. But those machines can\’t learn unless they run advanced programs. Here is a robot controlled by brain cells that doesn\’t need to be programmed, and has its own intelligence. +20   

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NAO Robot: The Most Amazing Robot Ever!


The NAO robot, made by Aldebaran Robotics, is a platform created to play during the Robocup. Not only does it play soccer, but it has a on board computer that is fully programmable, and an assortment of sensors including an inertial sensor in the case it falls over, a tactile sensor for human interaction, two […]

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Pop-up Fabrication of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee)

Silicon-based MEMS techniques are useful for sub-millimeter applications. While conventional methods exist to produce larger machines measured in centimeters and beyond, the so-called mesoscale devices remain difficult to manufacture. This video shows a versatile and radically simple fabrication process, loosely based on printed circuit board manufacturing techniques, for creating a topologically complex, three-dimensional machine. In this video, the technology is […]

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“Robots are Cool!” – will.i.am

I’ve shown this video to hundreds of people, and every single one of them has walked away, amazed at how many celebrities and figures in our community think ROBOTS are COOL! Every student in the nation needs to watch this inspiring video which showcases some amazingly popular individuals endorsing robotics. +230   

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