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Goosinator in Denver

To the casual observer, the Goosinator is quite a funny robot. It’s almost neon orange with bright yellow glaring eyes, zips as fast as 25 mph, and emits an incredibly annoying whine. What is its purpose? To scare away the many geese that infest Denver’s parks. In the city of Denver, there were often complaints […]

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Blind Juggler Robot

A few articles ago I wrote about a robot for Disney that can juggle balls with people. Well, this robot is a bit lonely, maybe because of its lack of eyes (visual sensors), and its talent would never have been discovered had it not been built by two members of the Swiss Federal Institute of […]

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Kuratas Battle Mech

Oh boy have I got to get one of these. This hulking goliath moves around like a boss and is the newest vehicle and awesome fighter. At 13 feet tall and weighing 4.4 tons but carrying a hefty price tag, this monster is just too legit. This simple how-to video displays the basic functions of […]

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Transformer Robot

This is more of a fun robot to have around. Anyone who has ever been a Transformer fan will probably have also been disappointed by the lack of automated “transforming” that goes on. But this robot, built by Kenji Ishida and JS Robotics, actually transforms from car to humanoid, and can walk around and fire […]

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Juggling Disney Robot

If you want to juggle with someone who will never drop the ball, then come to Disney! Disney Research has recently been working on more interaction between entertainment robots and guests at its theme parts, that juggles and throws balls with a human player. The robot uses the video provided by an external camera, and […]

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Piano-Playing Swarm Bots


People often think of composing music as something innately human, that requires the creativity and flexibility of a human mind. Well, that may be true for a while. But for now, robots can actively play music already. This group of swarm robots (Khepera III) was built by the Georgia Robotics and Intelligence Systems (GRITS) Lab. […]

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Oodles of Noodles, Chinese Noodle-Slicing Robot

Noodles, noodles, everywhere. One of the more common foods in China is noodles, lots of them. You can find them around almost every corner, each with a different style. What’s more, they are lots of different varieties, like lamian or udon. And one of the most common forms of noodles is freshly sliced noodles. That […]

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