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Mechanical CPU Clock

This clock represents the inner working of a modern cpu in a mechanical manner. Just like a CPU, it contains registers, ALU, memory, Buses, and a Control Unit. To display the time, the middle register uses binary numbers to indicate the hour (a reading of “0010” indicates 2 o’clock, for example). For minutes, the clock uses […]

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“Robots are Cool!” – will.i.am

I’ve shown this video to hundreds of people, and every single one of them has walked away, amazed at how many celebrities and figures in our community think ROBOTS are COOL! Every student in the nation needs to watch this inspiring video which showcases some amazingly popular individuals endorsing robotics. +230   

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Classical Mechanical Principles


Some things never get old. This video documents some of the most original and creative linkages in Mechanical engineering. Some may be obsolete, but the ideas behind the mechanisms are all unique and very imaginative. I promise that at least 5 of the linkages will make you scratch your head… Have you ever seen an […]

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Two Robotics Arms “In Sync”

A few years back, Industry standards were revolutionized by the “FANTA Can Challenge” A robot arm was able to weave in and out through six soda cans. They have taken this to a whole new level by having three robotic arms working together to move the soda cans and a pin to create the same weaving effect. […]

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Parallel Parking at its Best


Ever thought parallel parking was hard? Well this robot disagrees. I sometimes have to drive an extra block to find a large enough spot to park in… This will hopefully solve those problems! +110   

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