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Worm in a Robot’s Body

“What?”, you ask. But it’s true! Scientists have transplanted a worm’s (Caenorhabditis elegans) nervous system into the body of a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot. “Why?”, you ask again. OpenWorm, an organization that wants to create the first virtual organism in a computer, hopes to further understand the human brain. Understanding a simple worm’s brain is […]

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Real-Life Cyborg?

After losing both of his arms to an electrical accident, Les Baugh now has 2 brand-new robotics arms. Thanks to the John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Baugh can control both of these arms, which are attached wirelessly to his nerve endings, with his mind. The future is bright for both Baugh and for prosthetic […]

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Hey look! Yet another reason for retailers to start laying off employees! That reason? The OSHbot. Developed by OSH, this friendly robot will come up to the customer as they enter the store and ask for what they’re looking for. Equipped with a 3D & Product Scanner, autonomous navigation, and obstacle avoidance capabilities, this robot […]

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Metal 3D Printing

With the popularity of the 3D printer on the rise, there was just bound to be someone to think, “Why use plastics that can snap? Why not just use metal?” Well, here it is, the metal 3D printer! While huge industrial metal 3D printers have been used for around 3 years now, Matterfab, a metal […]

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Robot Waiters

We’ve seen the robot bellhop, and now we’re seeing the robot waiter. One restaurant in China has replaced its human waiters with robotic ones, and has been drawing in huge crowds who want to see the robots in action. The robots themselves navigate the sea of customers and the tables by following magnetic strips on […]

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15000 Robots

Wow…that’s a lot of robots. Well, I guess that’s just the right amount if you want to do what Amazon is doing with all these Kiva robots. To pack and ship all its orders during this holiday season, Amazon is using all these robots to organize and sort all its packages. Each robot can pick […]

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Knife Finds Cancer

Usually when surgeons remove tumor tissue, they try to leave a “margin” of healthy tissue to ensure that all the cancer has been removed. This means that the patient has to remain under anesthetic for another 30 minutes for tests to come back, and may even be subjected to more surgeries. However, thanks to the […]

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