Robot Scrubber

If robot cleaning was a sport, this bot would definitely get called in after every match and be checked for RGH (Robot growth hormones) and other robot-steroids. Rockin’ a smooth kiwi-drive, it traverses long and busy hallways without causing a single casualty. With both brush and vacuum capabilities, it is suitable for any type of flooring. It’s name? The ARS-2.

The Avidbots machine sports two types of cleaning systems, disc and cylindrical, has a recover/solution tank of 115 liters (that’s 30.3798 gallons to you Americans), and boasts a max productivity of 47,000 square feet an hour.

This cross between a Zamboni and iRobot also has an awesome kiwi-drive system, which is comprised of 3 omni-directional wheels (we’ll call them “omni’s” for short) that are each placed at an angle away from each other. The omni’s have rollers along the circumference of the wheel, and allow for side-to-side motion.

Yep, a kiwi drive isn’t made with kiwis…sorry to disappoint.

Come to think of it…this robot kind of reminds me of a Star Wars droid…or is that just me.

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