PR2, Personal Robot Butler

The Popinator, Revolutionary Snack Machine

Wine Robot, Tend the Grapes

Robotic Insects… Attack!

Miimo, RoboLawnmower

BIOswimmer, Marine Defender

Gangnam Style, Bioloid Style

Baxter, the Robot with Common Sense

Automated Robot Garage

Robot Fish Leads School

Android Companion: Be the Robot

Shimi, Robot DJ

Robot Interaction and Trustworthiness

Robot Tentacle


DARPA Cheetah Robot Breaks World Record… Again!

Two Cool Huggable Robots

Self-Watering Plant

New Robot Bartender

“SAMARAI” Maple Seed Robot

Robot Water Strider

The Wave Glider and Shark Net App

3D Printed Exoskeleton for Children

Robot Self Awareness

Mosaic Building Robot: Artaic