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Quantum Levitation


This is really cool, some of you may have seen the original demo of this concept a few years ago, when they went on a straight track. Then the quantum levitation people used a circular track. Now they have multiple cars, going around a pretty crazy track in my opinion :) take a look, its something straight out of a scifi movie. I dont know about you, but hands free driving would be so legit!

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Lego Engine?

I challenge you and your FLL teams to build this epic lego engine!! #myengineisbetterthanyourengine? Seriously though… I wonder how much horsepower…

Apparently these engines are actually available for purchase at www.LPEpower.com

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“We Stopped Dreaming”


I’d love to share a speech by Neil Degrasse Tyson. Hes a really cool guy who is a big proponent of NASA, and in general funding for robotics, science and technology. One of my favorite speeches is his one called “we stopped dreaming” its really inspirational for me at least, and I always think.. our generation wont have a NASA to work for… There are other cool things to do, so dont get depressed after watching the video haha. The music is sad and in general quite moving. Its only a few minutes long, and really worthwhile.

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