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EMIEW2, Social Robot

Recently Hitachi unveiled a new version of its humanoid robot, EMIEW2. This robot can distinguish between different voice and converse with people. It can move around on bumpy surfaces, and it is overall a very interactive robot. But that’s nothing new. Have you ever lost something in the void, and never seen it again? Wait […]

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Glove One

Cell phones or robot gloves? The fight begins. Made by Bryan Cera, artist and designer, Glove One is an invention that will change the phone communications industry. Users, rather than pulling out a cell phone and calling someone, can now just talk into their glove. It is an exchange of one hand for the privilege […]

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Keepon Cute Robot

The simple bloblike shape of “Keepon” belies its subtle complexity. Inside the dancing blob are 4 motors that control its side-to-side and forward and back head bobbing, the rotation, and the up and down motion as Keepon interacts with people. Using cameras located in the eyes, Keepon is able to recognize faces and actively interact with people […]

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Cute Robot Interviewer

Imagine a cardboard version of Pixar’s Wall-e character, but with added über-cute human voice, and you’ve got a fair picture of Boxie, Alexander Reben’s documentary-video-making robot. “The idea was to create a robot that was interesting enough for people to engage with it and offer to help it, carrying it around and up and down […]

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Study Shows That Humans Attribute Moral Accountability to Robots

A study was conducted recently to see if humans attribute moral responsibility to robots. The experiment was simple. The robot would play a game, and after the game is over, make a mistake and tell the person playing that they have lost. The results: 65% of the participants attributed some level of moral accountability to Robovie for […]

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“We Stopped Dreaming”


I’d love to share a speech by Neil Degrasse Tyson. Hes a really cool guy who is a big proponent of NASA, and in general funding for robotics, science and technology. One of my favorite speeches is his one called “we stopped dreaming” its really inspirational for me at least, and I always think.. our generation wont have a NASA […]

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