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Quad-rotors Juggling

The accessibility of the quad-rotor design is allowing many developers to work with autonomous functionality that highlights the stability and dexterity of these flying machines. This video shows two of the bots flying and juggling a ball between them. The most impressive part, all this is done using sensors on the flying robots without any human input. The robot […]

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Sand Flea Off-road Robot

An obstacle is in your way? Well with Boston Dynamic’s latest, you can simply jump over whatever is in your path. Equipped with a CO2 powered piston, the “sand flea” is a off-road bot that can carry a camera and take footage of hard to reach places. The video shows some of the amazing maneuvers this can accomplish. Surprised that it always […]

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Flying Quad-rotors play James Bond

The University of Pennsylvania has been doing some great research with quad-rotor aircraft, and agressive, precise maneuvers autonomously with these platforms. This video showing the robots autonomously playing the James Bond theme is a more whimsical application of the  flying machines. The variety of instruments and the superb control over the flight demonstrated in the video is just awesome! +100 […]

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