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Robot Bartender

Admit it. You’ve always wanted a bartender in your home to serve you drinks in your free time. But having someone to be in your home all day might get a bit awkward. Fear no more, alcoholic introverts, for this is the robot for you!!! The Somabar, which just sits on your counter-top, can mix […]

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Beer Pong Bot

Want to ensure the inebriation of your friends? Well this is the bot for you! Instead of fingers, this bot uses balls filled with sand-like material, and tightens/loosens the grains to grip/release the ball by pumping/sucking out air. Be sure in your opponent’s ultimate drunken demise; this robot does not miss. +50   

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Beach Bot

Disney sure does have the nicest stuff. And now they’ve added to their arsenal of cute machines, coming out with the BeachBot, a fully autonomous robot used for drawing pictures in the sand. It works by using a series of actuated pins that dig into the sand; the more pins extended, the thicker the line. […]

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Robotic Turtles

Since the dawn of the technological age, and even before that, researchers have been fascinated with trying to mimic nature and natural behaviors. In the underwater robotics world, the robot of choice would be a small autonomous bot that can sink and dive quickly, without a ballast system. Researchers at the National University of Singapore […]

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Simon Says

With more and more robots coming to the aid of the ever-lazier human, it’s easy to be swept off your feet by those quiet, busy bots and lose all social function. But fear not, robot enthusiasts! Researchers at Georgia Tech. have been working on Simon, a servant/companion robot built for the home. Human-Robot interaction is […]

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Skin Gun

Your skin is the largest organ of the body, and standard techniques for treating and performing large skin grafts takes weeks, even months. Patients who do die from these procedures die because of infection while waiting for the skin to heal. If you could treat skin in, let’s say, a week, that number of deaths […]

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Worm in a Robot’s Body

“What?”, you ask. But it’s true! Scientists have transplanted a worm’s (Caenorhabditis elegans) nervous system into the body of a Lego Mindstorms EV3 robot. “Why?”, you ask again. OpenWorm, an organization that wants to create the first virtual organism in a computer, hopes to further understand the human brain. Understanding a simple worm’s brain is […]

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