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Robot Therapy

Many people have wondered whether robots will be able to help people’s health, and this has quickly become a reality: motorized wheelchairs, prosthetic limbs, and more are ideal examples of this. But never before have robots actually helped the biological aspect of human health. Recently, a robot was developed that helped patients recovering from stroke […]

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So you might be wondering: why would anyone make a robot that can play games? Aren’t games only fun if people play them? Well, believe it or not, a man named Branislov Kisacanin made a robot that plays tetris using only NXT Lego parts as an educational project for his kids. Although the robot is […]

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NOVA: The Great Robot Race

Teams compete in the DARPA Grand Challenge by creating and programming a completely autonomous robot in attempts to successfully navigate itself through 142 miles of desert terrain in less than 10 hours. See how the different teams approached this problem through various hardware and software implementations! Among the competing teams include Carnegie Mellon University and […]

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Sound Machines 2.0 String Quartet

Festo is back at it again! Sound Machines 2.0 is made up of 5 robots capable of self-playing musical instruments. After “listening” to a recording of a song, it composes a new piece of music suitable for it to play. Using complex control algorithms, mathematical models, and communication interfaces, each individual instrument-robot can “listen” to […]

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Robot Kangaroo

Did you know that when a kangaroo is born, it resembles a pink, hairless worm? And when it matures, it’ll be able to hop forwards at over 40 miles per hour, but won’t even be able to walk backwards! This incredibly realistic robot kangaroo was built by a company called “Robotechnology” for a movie, that […]

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Bionic Eye

People with vision problems have always lived troubled lives, having to navigate around without one of the most important senses of the human species. But that’s all about to change. Researchers at Second Sight, an organization trying to help those with eye problems, have developed the Argus II, a revolutionary vision system that allows people […]

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One Step Closer to Avatar’s AMP

Remember, in Avatar, when Colonel Quaritch is in the AMP (amplified mobility platform) and he can control a giant robot\’s hand by moving his own in a glove, well Festo has once again designed something extremely similar to that but on a smaller scale. These 3D-printed gloves make all movements extremely precise and can amplify […]

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