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Joggobot Pacekeeper

Have any of you tried to get fit and run at your school’s track during the summer by yourself? Well, I know I have, and each time I would get bored and lonely then end up stopping in around fifteen minutes. Thanks to the Joggobot, a companion and pacekeeper for runners can track you and […]

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Interactive 3D Display

Microsoft’s Kinect is perhaps one of the coolest game controllers in existence today– the affordability and effectiveness of the technology is spectacular. And now, it appears that Microsoft has employed a similar technology for their prototype of a “3D desktop monitor.” It is equipped with two depth cameras, similar to those in Kinects; one is […]

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MaKey MaKey: Creative Open Hardware Project

Check out this cool open hardware project developed by two MIT alums! The MaKey MaKey is a “simple invention kit for beginners, experts, and everything in between.” It works like a circuit board that allows the user to create devices through simple alligator clipping, but can also be used as an Arduino. This video demonstrates […]

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Morphing Hexapod!

Hexapods are robots that can walk on six legs. And as if that wasn’t hard enough to build, consultant engineer Kåre Halvorsen in Norway set out build his “MorpHex” — a creepy-looking little robot that is not only able to walk, but can fold its legs in to form a ball and roll around. The […]

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Robotic Adhesion

For a while, researchers have had tools to stick onto a surface. One of the cooler ways, however, is to use a robot that utilizes the Bernoulli’s principle. What Bernoulli’s principle states is simple: as a liquid moves faster, its pressure decreases. When used in the robot, air technically counts as a fluid, so if […]

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Geometric Robot Swarms

Researchers at Disney recently presented their robotics project at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, about what could possibly end up being a new theme park ride. Using square robots with 3×3 grids that can change colors, the researchers developed an algorithm for the small robots to organize themselves into geometric shapes including circles, […]

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Most people think that robots have to have some sort of functionality or ability to make it cool. However, in a splendid imitation of biological systems, people have designed, built, and programmed some interesting robot plants, that look good and act natural. A while back, MAKE, a technology magazine, held a contest to build robotic […]

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